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Welcome to my SmugMug site!

I am a transport enthusiast photographing buses, coaches and railways since September 2006. I have travelled all over the UK over the years and have a huge collection of images to upload from my travels. It is a slow process getting over 15,000 photographs on here but I aim to do one collection a week if not more depending on time. I used to be on Fotopic until that went offline then I was on Flickr until the recent changes took effect. Now I found that is a more suitable place to display my photographs.

All of the photographs on this site are of my work and I have disabled the right click feature to hopefully deter photo thieves after having a few incidents in the past. If you would like a copy for personal or commercial use, don't hesitate to contact me.

Any questions, comments or suggestions can be made by emailing me @ stevethomas6444(at)gmail(dot)com and remove the brackets.

Steve Thomas.


26/3/14: Photographs added to Scarborough 2014 (Buses & Coaches in Yorkshire).
Photographs added to Yorkshire 2014 (Railways).

2/3/14: Photographs added to Scarborough 2014 (Buses & Coaches in Yorkshire).
New gallery added: Yorkshire 2014 (Railways).

18/2/14: New gallery added: Edinburgh 2013 (Buses & Coaches in Scotland).

1/2/14: New gallery added: Reading Buses Open Day 2010 (Buses & Coaches in Berkshire & Oxfordshire).

30/1/14: New gallery added: Buses in London 2009 (Greater London).
New gallery added: Coaches in London 2009 (Greater London).


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